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Get Our Appliance Repair Service to Repair Your Microwaves Quickly and Efficiently

Microwaves are very useful. They heat up cold food, heat up water and so much more. This is why, when it malfunctions, it can be quite a hassle. If you have a microwave that needs to be repaired in New Rochelle, NY do not delay. You should address the issue right away or risk permanent damage to your microwave. You should also only trust an expert when it comes to microwave repair like Morris Refrigeration and Appliance Repair Inc. A professional appliance repair service can grant you the following assurances:

Proper repair

You might risk damaging your microwave more if you do not hand it over to professionals for a proper repair. While some may temporarily fix your microwave, you should be assured of a proper and permanent repair. Not one that will require you to spend on repairs every single month.

We can guarantee proper repair that will not do any damage to your microwave. You can trust us as we have been offering our service since 1996. We can confidently say that we know how to repair appliances the right way.

Efficient repair

The microwave, being an important appliance in any home, should be repaired quickly when it needs it. You would not want to suffer from the inconvenience for too long and should be dealt with right away.

If you want an efficient repair service, trust professionals. We know how to repair in a quick and effective manner all the while assuring the results will be up to your standards and expectations. With us on the job, you will get to use your microwave again in no time.

Do not leave your broken microwave unattended for too long in New Rochelle, NY or you may be looking at a need for a replacement. If you need your microwave repaired right away, hire Morris Refrigeration and Appliance Repair Inc. You can avail of our appliance repair service by giving us a call at (914) 222-4636.

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