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Major Signs Your Fridge Needs Repair

Your fridge is one of your home’s major workhorses, quietly humming away day and night to keep your food fresh. So when it starts acting up, immediate attention is needed. Here are some telltale signs that your fridge needs a tour to the appliance repair service.

Frost Buildup

A modern, functioning fridge should not be building up frost in its interior compartments. If you spot icy buildups on the walls or shelves of your refrigerator, this could be an indicator that there’s a problem with the freezer’s self-defrosting system or the cooling unit.

Overheating Exterior

The exterior sides of your fridge should be warm but not hot. Overheating can signal issues with the coil system used in releasing heat from within, which increases energy consumption as the appliance struggles to maintain its inner coolness.

Rapid Spoilage of Food Items

If you observe that your food goes bad faster than usual or there is an unusual smell emanating from your fridge even after cleaning it, these could be signs that it’s time to bring in a professional. Chances are high that inefficient cooling or temperature inconsistencies are leading to premature spoilage.

Noisier Functioning

Your fridge naturally makes some noise as it cycles, but if you start noticing strange noises such as hissing, sizzling, popping, or constant loud humming, it might be a warning sign. These sounds can often signify compressor or motor issues and are often best checked by a reliable repair service.

Navigating refrigeration issues doesn’t have to be stressful. Armed with these insights on major signs that your fridge needs repair, and the assistance of an expert appliance repair service, you are able to extend the longevity of your appliance while ensuring optimal performance. Remember to reach out to Morris Refrigeration and Appliance Repair Inc, your trusted service in New Rochelle, NY. Please contact us at (914) 222-4636, when your refrigerator shows these signs – we’re here ready to help!

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